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Corporate Insolvency

Corporate Insolvency

We apply our extensive corporate experience to develop and implement realistic strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

The directors at Vince & Associates have worked with a number of large corporations and small businesses in many business categories that have either ceased to trade or have no prospect of continued operations.

In each case we draw on our experience and knowledge to develop practical strategies to suit the specific circumstances in order to work through a realistic winding up process.

We always work in the best interests of creditors, employees and other stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties.

  • Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation
  • Members’ Voluntary Liquidation
  • Voluntary Administration & Receiverships.
Corporate Restructure and Turnaround

Corporate Restructure & Turnaround

Our approach focuses on delivering practical and achievable ways to restructure capital and improve profitability and cash flow.

In certain circumstances we can assist in a restructure outside a formal appointment. We commence by drawing on our experience to make a realistic assessment of the business and the prospects for the generation of future profits and cash flow.

Once we establish that insolvency issues will not intrude on the process, we work in close partnership with the company and its stakeholders to develop and execute realistic strategies to restructure the business and turnaround its performance.

Where a company’s circumstances are such that issues are unable to be resolved in an informal manner, yet the company’s business has prospects for continued operation, we are able to assist in the implementation of a restructure or sale of business under the Voluntary Administration regime.

Personal Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Personal Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Our approach enables individuals to restructure their personal financial arrangements and move on from difficult times, whilst also maximising the returns to creditors.

We work in consultation with people who as individuals, sole traders or those in partnerships are experiencing financial difficulty as a result of either debt or personal guarantee.

We commence by gaining a thorough understanding of their specific circumstances including the extent and nature of their debt and what access they may have to future income streams, sources of funding and assets.

This leads to the development of realistic strategies that suit the circumstances and enable the individuals involved to best deal with their situation, whilst also ensuring the best possible outcome for creditors. This could involve a restructuring of their affairs, the contribution of part of their future income stream on terms accepted by creditors or bankruptcy.

Forensic Accounting

We draw on our forensic financial and legal experience to deliver detailed reports to assist actions for fraud investigations.

Our team of highly skilled accountants have experience in forensic investigations involving large corporations and smaller independent businesses to identify issues, provide independent commercial advice and support and documentation for legal proceedings.

This experience and skill enables us to quickly and efficiently identify areas of concern, then take a realistic approach to a thorough investigation and the development of a detailed strategy plan.

Investigative Accountant Reports

Investigative Accountant Reports

We assess a company’s financial and solvency position and make realistic recommendations.

We work with key stakeholders having an interest in a company to provide a report on the financial viability of an entity, including developing plans to restructure. We work in close consultation with the engaging party to fully assess a company’s financial and operational viability and deliver recommendations to achieve the best possible outcomes.